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Animatronics Projects by Collin DeVillier


MIMIR Animatronic

Ever wanted to talk to a god? Meet MIMIR, a Mystical, Independently Mobile, Immersive Robot.

George Stow

Mr. George Stow, the Chief Archivist of the Avian Archives and Records Administration, is retiring after 245 years of service. Listen to his farewell address. 

What is Blue Bird Robotics?

Blue Bird Robotics is the name I have given to a series of projects in development. These projects are focused on my passion: to create robotic animations, or animatronics, to inspire, educate, and engage others.

Why Animatronics?

To Inspire!

For me, one of the greatest feelings is "chills." We get this feeling when we stand on the top of a mountain, or we watch our favorite heros defeat their villianous foes. It is a passion of mine to give people this deep sense of awe in the work I create.

To Educate!

Something quite beautiful occurs at the intersection of creativity and education. This is why we all still remember how a bill becomes a law from Schoolhouse Rock! In my animatronics projects, I strive to infuse my creations with an educational component.

To Engage!

When someone sees one of my creations, I want them to leave inspired, educated, and ready to do something! The world becomes a better, more just place when we choose to act for the common good.

Animatronics Honors

LSU Discover Day 2021: Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium Presenter
"Using Animatronics to Encourage Meaningful Community Engagement"

2021 Stamps Scholars National Convention: Scholars Talks
"Using Animatronics to Encourage Meaningful Community Engagement"


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